The Great TV

By A-Skate


Hey come over here. This report is about DTV. IÕm going to tell some information that you had no clue about. So read this report. I hope you like it.

Main Heading

Topic Sentence. IÕm going to tell you invented television. According to Tom Harris at Philo T. Farmsworth invented television

, (Great idea.) So he succeeded in1923. So that was the first TV.



What is DTV

         DTV stands for Digital T.V. You can tell that DTV is a whole lot better than just old boring television. ItÕs going to have better sound and graphics. I canÕt wait for DTV (Digital TV.)



History Of Television

          Television was made in 1923. DTV is coming out this summer. In the month of July. The first television was only 10in. tall. ThatÕs pretty small for a TV.( At least thatÕs what I think.)  


So thatÕs my report. I hope you liked my report on DTV. I hope you learned something new by reading this report. So thatÕs all you need to know about DTV.