No more TV?

By Mr. DTV


You donŐt want to lose your TV? You need DTV. Then you need to keep reading. I will tell you these things: Why do we need to switch, when will DTV start, about how DTV is disabled by stuff, and how many people use it (Can I still use my old TV?)


Who DTV is Disable

This paragraph is about how DTV is disabled by stuff.  According to  WWW.fcc GOV.COM, your DTV reception can be affected by terrain, trees, buildings, the weather, damaged equipment, as well as antenna type, location, and orientation.  I think, if I had DTV, I would put a tarp over it or something.


Why are we switching

Why are do we switching. According to An important benefit of the switch to all-digital broadcasting is that it will free up parts of the valuable broadcast spectrum for public safety communications (such as police, fire departments, and rescue squads).                                                                             

       It can be sold to other companies that give consumers with advanced. 


When will it start?

       When will DTV start? It's all part of the congressionally mandated switch from analog to all-digital broadcasts scheduled to occur on February 17, 2009


How many people use it

       How many people use it. More and more DTV and HDTV programming is being offered every day. For a list of available a


digital programming in your area, check out our Digital Channel Lookup.


Can I still use my old TV

       Can I still use my old TV

Your analog TV set will not be obsolete once the transition to DTV is completed, but there are some steps you must take to be able to continue to use it. To ensure continued use of your analog set, you must do one of the following: coveter