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What if someone asks you Òdo you know what Kermit is?Ó if you donÕt know, read my report. In my report you will learn what Kermit is,

The Kermit

This paragraph is about what Kermit is. According to Walt Howe, it is a common terminal emulation program and file transfer protocol that can be used across dialup and telnet connections. It is much slower than xmodem, ymodem, and modem in most implementations, but it has the advantage of being able to transfer 8-bit files across a 7-bit telnet connection, which the others will not do. It was developed at Columbia U and is widely used in academia, probably because it is free. It was named for the frog.

       According to Walt Howe, Kermit is a program and file transfer protocol. It's slower than xmodem, ymodem, and zmoden, but it can transfer 8-bit files across a 7-bit telnet connection, which xmodemn, ymodemn, and zmodemn wonÕt do.


Countries with Internet

       How many countries have the Internet?

The Internet is a vast network that connects many independent networks spanning over 170 countries in the World.

       According to Walt Howe, there are 170 countries with Internet. Now I think that is a lot of countries, and since countries are so big, I think the internet must be pretty famous!



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