Digitalizerisher T.V

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     Have you ever wondered why the government spent about 1.5 billion dollars on these new converter boxes? Well I sure have. They spent all that money on Digital TV converter boxes. ThatÕs what type of converter box I was talking about. The rest of this report is all about those converter boxes. If you are interested in learning about this, than read the rest of this report.

Main Heading

This paragraph is about if Digital TV converter boxes are cheap or expensive.

According to Steven Stande digital convereter boxes can go up to $125 dollars. You can get $60 dollars off with coupons. You can get the coupons from the LG store. They are only being sold from January 1, 2008-March 31, 2009.

This paragraph is about wether the people of America really want Digital TV or not.

According to, a guy named Kevin Poulsen posted a video on YouTube to see what really is in the DTV converter box.  He opened it to his surprise he found a hidden camera.  UH OH!! Someone is in trouble!! Too bad I know  that means DTV isn't the best. (HDTV IS!)

This Paragraph is about where DTV converter boxes are sold. 

According to, DTV converter boxes can be sold in an LG store.  You can also get them at retail stores. That is all the info I can get for you so sorry. I feel bad too.

This Paragraph is about how much it cost the U.S to buy all the Digital converter boxes in the U.S.

According to, The U.S payed 1.5 million on all the DTV converter boxes in the U.S.  They are afraid that not enough people have boughten one. (UH OH!!)

This Paragraph is about who invented DTV.

According to Vili I., He doesnÕt know how to type the sad words in his own words because it is exactly what he wouldnÕt say. I DONÕT KNOW!!

This Paragraph is about if anyone even helped whoever inveted DTV invent DTV.

         According to nobody knows if someone helped whoever invented it. The answer is still a mystery. Will anyone find it, or will the question roam our world forever with no answer.

This Paragraph is about if DTV will cost more or less than regular TV.

         According to, it will be cheaper because the government has made coupons for a digital tv converter boxes. Coupons go up to $60 dollars. Now that's a good deal. (I say they should be free!! :D) DonÕt you?!?!

This Paragraph is about wether people even want DTV.

According to, a guy (unkown) said that ÒWhoever invented this digital tv crap should be put in prison.Ó This means that not everyone likes Digital TV, only some people. (The comment above is an opinion on DTV.) SoooÉ Yeah! ThatÕs 8 paragraphs. (9 including the Intro.)



SoooÉ Yeah! ThatÕs my paragraphs.