WhatŐs more fun than a laser?

By: Sponge Babe Buff Pants


       Have you ever wanted to see something so cool it canŐt be real but it is? Like a cell phone laser gun? Well in my laser gun section there is such thing as a cell phone laser gun and something else thatŐs really cool. If you want to read cool stuff read my awesome reportJ

Laser Guns

Is night vision connected to a laser gun? Troy (Defense Tech.org). A laser technology being developed by Air Force Research Laboratory employees at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. will be the first man-portable, it wont kill you, blocking weapon intended for protecting troops and controlling loud and out of control crowds. ItŐs a pretty big gun. It is awesome.

Is a laser gun connected to a cell phone? Adam fruccihttp://gizmodo.com/gadgets/anti_surveillance/diy-phone+activated-camera+blinding-laser-288858.php

This impressive setup is a cell phone-controlled laser, which can render a security camera useless from afar. So that means there is such thing and it even works with security cameras.


         Who invented and named a laser?  The name LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In 1917, Albert Einstein first theorized about the process, which makes lasers possible called "Stimulated Emission." ItŐs a weird name by Albert EinsteinJ

       Why was the first laser so big?  The first lasers were hydrogen lasers. They focused light using hydrogen gas. Some took up as much room as a bed. Later, the people who created it developed a ruby focused laser. This allowed the laser to be smaller. The military used these for guidance of weapons. They made artificial ruby lasers and people used them for guns to improve human accuracy in aiming. Today, lots of people use lasers. Just the other day, I used my laser pointer to navigate in pitch dark by making quick left and right to see the distance, shape, and size of every thing ahead. So that means it was a big laser. And it can help you see in the dark

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       WhatŐs the difference between a green laser and a red laser? The difference between a red laser and a green laser light is that the red laser light has a longer wavelength (about 650 nanometers) than does the green (about 532 nanometers). Well the red is twice as big as the green laser.

         How do you make a laser move up down etc? Controller sends signals to a projector's telling it how to move the laser beam right, left, up, down, etc. it is really cool it could probably move fastJ

       Can you tell if you have a disease by a laser?  According to Jun Ye, by blasting a person's breath with laser light, scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado at Boulder have shown that they can detect molecules that may be markers for diseases like asthma or cancer. It is so cool so now you can find out if your sick with a LASER

       Is there such thing as a laser mouse?

Yes it is really cool. You can see the laser come out of it right by the buttons. You can even see how awesome it is by how it looks like something funJ


       My report is like no one elseŐs because of asking and stuff you have never seen before in your life. The stuff on this is amazing if you see the pictures their really so cool.