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The thing we use with GPS.

 What does GPS criminal tracker do? A criminal tracker is a device that the police can put on a criminal's leg to keep track of him/her.  The device cannot be cut off.  The device has GPS so the criminal can always be located.  By the way, did I tell you that the criminal is on parole (let out of jail for a time)? I hope you donŐt get a criminal tracker. 


What is a GPS wheelchair? This experimental wheelchair was developed by engineers in Germany. Otto Bock HealthCare has invented an all-wheel drive wheelchair that has knobby, off-road tires, a hybrid engine, and best of all--GPS. This wheelchair allows disabled drivers to cruise off-road. The GPS system is very helpful. It transmits the patient's location back to the person who is in charge of taking care of the patient. This is very helpful. If the patient gets lost or, in some cases, when a patient tries to "run away," the person in charge can track-down the location of the wheelchair. By the way, the transmitter also sends the patient's vital statistics--like heart rate, blood pressure, thatŐs helpful.



What does the GPS personal locater do? One of several new cellular plans aimed at satisfying the near-unquenchable desire of parents to check in on their children, Sprint's Family Locator allows parents to map their child's location in real time by signing into a secure Web site. Parents can "geofence" their child and receive a notification whenever the kid leaves a designated area. So, for example, if you wanted to make sure your child

never left your neighborhood, you would "geofence" the cell phone to notify you if they ever left the area.


How did the GPS get innervated?


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