The great beam light

By Yummy


Hey did you know that the laserÕs are a beam of light that goes on forever. Or it is like so cool. Well you are about to find about the LASER!;^)



This paragraph is about The History.  Do you know who invented the laser? Well you are about to learn the history of laser! Theodore Miaman invented the laser in 1960. They call it the ruby red laser because it was ruby red till he found out how to get other colors in it. It was the first successful light laser. The laser was a total success for the first laser beam.

How a Laser Works

File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0This paragraph is about laser and how far they go.  A laser has a beam of long distance going beam of light. The beam of light is ruby red most of the time but could be a different color like Blue, green, orange Etc. The beam of light is like a long line that goes on forever and ever. If you shine it on a mile away wall, you would not be able to see the dot. The reason why when it hits the surface of something and it turns into a dot, because the beam of light stops there. When it hits it is the surface it is the end of the point were it stops and the shape of the laser is round so it is a dot when it gets to the surface.


This paragraph is about the laser itself.   The laser itself is a light that shines were ever you point at will have a dot of it and it is also a metal, round tube that goes around the battery and has a button inside on the place to turn on the laser. But how are you going to press the button in that solid metal? That is why there is a button on the outside so you could press the button inside the metal. Or sometimes the metal has a hole so that the button pops out so you could press the button.



What the Laser Does

       This paragraph is about How lasers help.  Do you know how the laserÕs help? Well you are about to find out. Lasers can help in many ways to be used in help. REASONS: Like for cops. It helps cops for pointing their taser and it marks the person so the cop knows were it is shooting on the person body or even pointing at it. Two: Like for a light show and there is a lot more that lasers help with. Lasers are a very useful tool for people now days. It also can be used for a toy too shine and tease a cat!! :^).                                                            


    This paragraph is about What lasers can do to you.  Lasers can HARM you! So be careful using the laser. IÕll tell you some stuff that you should watch out for. One: never point at some-ones eye or your own eye, it will make you blind or cause serious damage to the eye. DonÕt point it at a animals eye because it will also do the same thing to their eyes too.



       I think laser should get better by having a sharper red light. ThatÕs it but also more helpful too. My state is that just that but what do you think? Just sit down and think how lasers could get better.