the light you starE at

By Buggs Bunny


I am going to tell you about the great thing called VIDIO GAMES!!!!!!! and what is the most popular and other stuff. I am going to have I donŐt know how many paragraphs .

Game systems

How many xbox 360 have been sold. According to  wikipedia 28 million xbox 360Ős have been sold and I was one of them I bought one for 318 dollors on one xbox 360 with head set two games one paddle and internet cord and all the cords that make it work.                                                                                                          

What is the most popular gaming system

 According to htttp:// the most popular game system is dsi the dsi is rated number one on the list 1  to 10 on the web site above out of normal ds xbox 360 plastation 3 and ps 2,ps1.


For wolverine origins there are over 14 cheats and if I had to count all the  cheats in the world e would  be there for a long time counting cheat code for every game in the world




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