The awesome thing people play!


By Jango Fett


IÕll give you a penny if you know how 3+3 works.  IÕll give   two pennies if you know how a flashlight works.  IÕll give you  $100 if you know how video games work!  Do you know what video games are? Well I will tell you in this report. First I will tell you about video game history, than how video games work, than what they are, and finely some neat facts about Nintendo.

Game History

This paragraph is about when video games were     invented. According to  Video Games were invented in the 1950Õs. Some people who liked to mess with technology invented them. These friends were just messing around with some stuff and they made an arcade game. They also made a couple more doing the same thing.


What was the first video game? According to Mr. Welch the first video game was Tic Tac Toe. This game was invented in

the 1950Õs. This game was very popular. I do not know for what system.


What was the first game system? According to my brother, it was the Atari made a little before the first video game. This system is still very popular and very fun. How do I know? I have played this system and it is very fun.


What was the first Nintendo game? According to my brother, the game is called Mario bros  . This game is about Mario and his brother Lugie trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser. This game is probably one of my favorite Nintendo games.    

What was the first Sega system? According to my brotherÉ The Sega genesis was the first Sega game system. I used to have one and that is why I know a lot about it. Like that more than half itÕs games were Sonic games.


Why were video games invented? According to me, so people had something to do other than play checkers and stuff like that. Also so that there would be something to do with a TV other than watch it.



What it is

What is the smallest game consol? According to me, the smallest game consol is the Sega game gear. I figured this out by measuring the Game gear and the Game Boy, which are the smallest game consoles ever, and the Game gear was smaller by a couple inches.

How it works

What programs the consoles?  Well I think it is a motherboard. The motherboard sends signals through the console, which turns it on and makes it work. So now you know how a video game works.


Now you know a lot about video games! You know how they work what they are and a lot about the history of video games. Do you remember the smallest video game console is? Well hope you do and that you liked my report!