By Bob Schmitt


I will give you a dollar if you can tell me when the first video game came out (if your report is on video games YOU DONÕT COUNT SO LEAVE!) In this report, I will teach you a ton of history.


This paragraph is about how video games have changed over time. According to video games are very different from video games 20 or 30 years ago. 30 years ago video games were very new to people and exciting. Even if it was ping pong.

This paragraph is about what video games really are.  According to Jeff Tyson, they are really just computers that are based on playing games. In fact, they have a CPU (Central Processing Unit).  To try to keep them from being SO expensive, they use CPUs that have been in use for a while. So, I think they are really pretty simple.



In conclusion, if I had time, IÕd write a good conclusion.