The best TV

By *A Pop Princess Man*


Do you know what DTV is? Well it is your turn to figure out so read or listen and have some fun. One paragraph is about why we are switching to DTV. It is really quite interesting. When I started it was boring but when I got to reading it was so interesting! My report is about what it is, how it works, and some history.


What DTV really is?

This paragraph is about why we are switching to DTV.  According to It have benefits so you should switch like it has free parts of broadcasting. So if you want to have better graphics and better sound you better get DTV. There is also wireless DTV so you can take your TV lots of places.  I sure want to have a wireless TV because I want to watch TV lots of places and roll it around.


This paragraph is about what the term is for DTV.  According to the term of DTV is part of a big group of TVs. But even if it is not DTV it can still have HD. You will want DTV and HDTV.  I already have DTV and HDTV. They already have DTV out so hurry and get it.


This paragraph is about what I need to do to be ready for DTV to come.  According to the government what you need depends on the source of your TV.  You should get a good one like Directv. That is what I have. It is really good.


This paragraph is about what Digital TV is.   According to, we are going to switch to DTV because Congress decided and we don't want to disobey congress. I also think that it is better so let's switch and donÕt complain. You will have better sound and only if your crazy you wouldnÕt want DTV. By the way Digital TV is DTV.


This paragraph is about DTV remotes. According to me, there are lots of DTV remotes. They are very complicated, and you need to read instructions.  But once you get used to it you will get the hang of it. DTV remotes have lots of things on them that are awesome.



How DTV works

This paragraph is about if DTV works smoother. According to Crosby Volomer there are benefits, so yes it does work smoother. There are lots of benefits like easier time working it. If you want to have lots of benefits start now and get DTV. The benefits of it are remarkable.


This paragraph is about if you can play Nintendo without DTV when we switch.   According to me you can play Nintendo without a DTV TV if you don't watch TV while playing it. You can't do that unless you have at least two TVs, which most people don't but I do.


This paragraph is about if DTV records.  According to Wikipiedia, you can't that is copy writing. Unless you do Analog tape recorder that only gets the sound but if you have cable or Directv you can save it to your TV. 



This paragraph is about if there is a vote to change to DTV or not.  According to there was a vote to change it but now it is official. Congress is now saying that you have to change to DTV or not watch it.


This paragraph is about who invented DTV.  According to Wikipiedia, it was invented by a group of companions. That invents lots of things for TV. They made HDTV also. I bet because people buy their products they get lots of money. They probably like their jobs.


This paragraph is about when we are switching to DTV. According to the government, on June 12, 2009 the government says we have to change to DTV if we want to watch TV. You better get ready and buy DTV right now but if you have Directv or a cable box your fine.





I really think that now you like DTV the most awesome TV.  Did you read it did you like it? Tell your parents to buy DTV because it is awesome! I think it is great on your way get HDTV because some day we will change to that. I hope you learned a lot about DTV.