The T.V. that could change your life!

By: Boeing airplanes


Hey Hey you do you want a new T.V. or a new converter box. Well itŐs your choice but if you donŐt want to spend a couple hundred dollars buy a converter box Did you know that people with direct T.V. and satellite T.V. will not be able to watch T.V. unless you switch to cable or dish network.

Stuff about DTV       

According to and That DTV will come in 33 more days. WOW!!!  And it will have better vision and better sound and I hope you will enjoy DTV if you have anymore questions if you are in my class you could just ask or if you are not in my class go to got that so get ready for June 12th or you will be stuck with no T.V.








Which is the higher tower acc or fcc I think it is the fcc but I am not sure but if you want to know go to got that ok. Moving on. Get it it is just like a tour.


Will you need a new T.V. to receive DTV?

Not necessarily. Because you could get a new T.V. or get a new converter box. But it is your choice

Will DTV stations cause interference with any other technologies?

Yes but if you think I am talking about lots of stuff it is only a few things and that is my last paragraph so I hope you liked my paragraph.


 I hope you liked my report and donŐt forget digital June 12 2009 ok do you understand. Ha ha ha just get a DTV or cable or a converter box or just get a satellite dish. See yaw bye.