Throwaway newspaper and books get Internet!



Have you ever wanted to throw away the newspaper and all of those books? And you donÕt want to pollute the earth with all of that paper Well then get Internet and you can, find out what the Internet is, the Internet history, how the Internet works, and also Internet phrases. Internet helps you find what you want in minutes, its fast quick and easy.

What the Internet Is

Have you ever wondered how fast the Internet is growing, in this paragraph you can find out. According to Hoskins, Titus, the Internet is growing like crazy, it took 38 years for the radio to reach 50 million users. It took 13 years for TV, and five years for the Internet to reach 50 MILLION users.

In this paragraph I will talk about how big the Internets surfing world is, and the country with the highest amount of users. According to Hoskins, Titus, GoogleÕs index stands at 8 billion pages.    The Internet surfing world is huge. According to Hoskins, Titus the country with the highest amount of users is Sweden.  It is 75 percent.

In this paragraph I will talk about the most viewed web site.  According to Myspace is the most viewed web site at 11.9 percent. at second most viewed website at 8.5 percent. and at third most viewed web sites at 3.7 percent.




This paragraph is about, which decade really saw the explosion of the net. The 1990s. The Internet exploded into the mainstream with the release of the first popular web browser Mosaic in 1993.

In this paragraph I will talk about who invented the Internet? According to the Internet was invented by a group of researchers and scientists at the newly formed Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). ARPA set out to create a brand new technology unlike anything that had ever been done before, and the Internet was the result of their hard work.

In this paragraph I will talk about when the Internet invented. The Internet was invented during the late 1950s to the 1970s.

Internet Phrases

Have you wondered who coined the phrase World Wide? Tim burners-lee in 1990 coined the phrase worldwide web. I wonder why he came up with the worldwide web? Maybe because the whole wide world can use the Internet and the web is like a spider web keeps on connecting. 


The Internet is amazing millions of people use it every day. So throw away newspapers and books and scribe to an Internet provider, and help save the environment.