What do police around you have to keep you safe

By Dakota Carter


Tasers, guns, cop cars are all police tech and I will be telling you about them in this report how it works, how many there are, cool stuff. 

When and who invented the taser?

When were they invented? He original TASER device (the TF-76) was launched in the mid 1970s by a NASA scientist named Jack Cover, the TASER device inventor.


Who invented the taser? Jack Cover invented the first stun gun in the 1917Ős. It was actually really helpful for police because sometimes the person tries to run off but not with the taser because they know that they will get stunned.

Do police recommend Tasers?

         Tasers are very dangerous and highly recommended by police everywhere.

       Police recommend Tasers.

       Jack cover invented the taser.

         Can they be non lethal?

Other things about Tasers!




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