Amazing stuff about GPS/Video Games

By Cutie Pie Honey Bunch


IÕll give you a dollar if you know how many GPSÕs there are.  If you guessed 24, you might be right.  But, youÕll have to read my report to find the real answer.  Also, do you know what the most popular video game is?  If you donÕt know, you have to read my report! My report will tell you some important stuff about Video Games and some cool stuff about GPS. If you want to know all those things about GPS and Video Games then read my report!!!!!!!  

Video Games

Video Games. This paragraph is about the most popular video game. According to Marc Saltzman the first video game isÉSOLITAIRE!!! Surprised. This video game comes with every Windows computer. It would give board office workers something to do. Kids can play the game of Solitaire too. My family has a Windows computer. We play solitaire all the time. ItÕs a fun game to play. When you get the game solitaire they send you a manual but no one bothers to look at it because they all ready know how to play. On this game you can play for a few minutes or a few hours. ItÕs a cool game, a fun game, and a entertaining game.



This paragraph is about GPS. According to GPS stands for Global Positioning System. There are many things that use GPS like a GPS wheel chair, a GPS criminal tracker, and more. WhatÕs cool about the criminal tracker is that the police use it for the people in jail. And if they try to go under water they will have to go down really far. But if they go to far their ears will start to hurt. And they canÕt fiddle with it because it wonÕt come off no matter what you do. Have you ever wondered how many GPS satellites there are? Well there are 30-32 satellites.  



Now you know about GPS and Video games. I hope you remember what you learned from my report.