By: Stevie Wonder


       This report is about satellites. In the following paragraph I will explain what satellites are, how they get in orbit, and approximately how many currently are in orbit. I hope you like my report. It was very fun I hope like my report. It was very fun for me to find the answers to these questions.


What is a satellite?

What is a satellite? According to BNSC, ”a satellite is an object that orbits another object. The Earth’s Moon is a satellite and the Earth itself is a satellite is of the sun. Artificially satellites are machines that are put in orbit we put around the Sun, Earth, or another world”(

       There are two types of satellites, Natural and artificial. Natural satellites are made by Nature, whereas, artificial satellites are man made.


How they get in orbit

This paragraph is about how they get in orbit. They get in orbit is by rockets and fuel. First, it starts with making the satellite witch includes, metal and solar petals. Then they have to get the rocket made to fit a 2,000pound to 3,000pound satellite. Then they have to make sure it is good to put in a rocket. Later they work on the rocket and it is made with metal, fuel, and some other stuff. Then they put the rocket ready to have the satellite. When the have the satellite in they get ready for take off.

       Paragraph is about when they get in orbit. When it is in orbit they get the rocket release the satellite in orbit. When this happens the rocket will not be with the satellite and it will get ready the source panel in place and then it moves along like most of the satellites.









       This paragraph is about the history of the satellites. The first man-made satellite was sputnik one (according to But it was not the first like I said in my first main heading and it is possible that there could be more satellites then we could ever know but there is still a lot.

       This paragraph is about how some satellites are used. Some of the satellites are used for a lot of stuff.











For there is still going to be more reports. Thank you for reading my report. My hardest paragraph was probable be What is a satellite.