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By pop princess man


Did you know that when the laser was invented it was called a solution looking for a problem?  That is when it was first invented of course.  What is the laser?  Do you know the history of the laser?  Read my report to learn all about the laser.

What the laser is

Do you know why the first laser was so big?  According to Towns, Charles. The first lasers were lasers used with a gas that takes up a lot of room . They focused light using the gas. Some took up as much room as a bed. Later, the people who created it developed a focused laser. This allowed the laser to be smaller. The military used these for weapons. They made artificial lasers and people used them for guns to improve human accuracy in aiming. Today, lots of people use lasers. Just the other day, I used my laser pointer to navigate in pitch dark by making quick left and right to see the distance, shape, and size of every thing ahead.  That is why the first laser was so big.

         What is a laser? According to Mansfield, in ordinary light sources produce light independently and in many different colors .If, however, during the brief instant that an atom is exited (producing light), light of a certain color hits it, the atom can be forced to that is the same as the wave that hit it. The new makes the passing wave more powerful; and if the can be multiplied enough, the  beam of light, made up of light of a single frequency or color in which all the components are the same, will be a laser.  That is what a laser is of course!


         When was the laser invented?