By Supper Puppy


       I have a topic that if you think about it is quite nice. I think that if you read youÕll enjoy the cool Internet that you use almost daily. Also you will get some new information you may not have known before. So just read and have fun. I hope you will have fun learning about the wonderful Internet.

History of the Internet

As you use the wonderful Internet have you ever asked yourself how old is it? Well according to wikianswers the Internet was made in the 1960Õs. Which if it was made in the 1960Õs take 2009 and subtract 1960 and you get the number 49.

This paragraph is about the company that made Internet. Well according to the website wikianswers the company that invented the Internet was A.R.P.A. well if you want to know why you will have to read the rest of my report because it answers some questions that you might ask.


The world of Internet

Have you thought to ask yourself why was the Internet was Invented? Well according to wikianswers, the A.R.P.A invented the Internet so that the D.O.D researchers could share research with each other and with other researchers throughout the world.

The Internet is ale to be accessed worldwide. According to Diane Dannenfeldt the Internet can be accessed on a cell phone, a smart phone, an I-pod, and a laptop. All you have to do is go on the Internet on the I-pod and that stuff. This is such a fun topic to have. Well I hope you find my topic quite interesting to read and find out.

Have you asked yourself how many people use the Internet? According to Newsweek, there are as of the year 2000 about 259 to 300 million people in 56 countries who are in some way using the Internet. About 111 million users are in the United States, followed by Japan with about 18 million, and then Britain with 14 million. Users are projected to reach one billion by 2005.

The final part

       I am so glad you took the time to read my Report on the Internet. I really appreciate the fact that you read my excellent report. I hoped you like my report.