The Light That Amazes Everyone

By Bumblebee


Has your mom ever told you, “It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt?”  Lasers can help, but they can HURT.  I am going to tell you about lasers. Lasers have lots of purposes, there even used in your house and for surgery. If you want to learn more about LASERS than you should continue to read. It talks about what lasers are used for, about who invented it, how powerful it is, if they are deathly, if they use batteries, atoms which you’ll learn more about and the wavelength of a Ruby Laser.

This Paragraph is about what Lasers are used for.

According to, “Lasers are used in practically every major industry, from medicine and computers, to entertainment and construction. A power rating, usually in watts, determines the strength of the laser. Some lasers can cut through metal, while others merely read tiny bits of information without damaging the surface. Basically, the application of lasers can be divided into marking, etching, and cutting, or reading and scanning.


In the medical industry, carbon dioxide lasers are used in many types of surgery because they are more precise and sensitive than scalpels. Lasers remove tattoos without needing skin grafts, as well as painlessly clearing rot out of teeth. These less invasive lasers result in faster recuperation from surgeries such as removing certain tumors and correcting vision by reforming the eyeball lens. Damage to surrounding tissue, as well as bleeding, has been reduced by incorporating lasers.” 



I’m pretty sure that police use lasers to see if people try to escape from jail and museums probably do too because they have rare things most of the time. As you can see, I learned that lasers can be used for many things, DVD’s, CD’s, and Blue ray. But you can’t forget the medical things also, hair removal and LASIK they’re also used for removing tattoos. They’re used for marking, cutting, scanning, etching, I’m sure there are lots more too.



Who Invented the Laser?


According to Mary Bellis, “Gordon Gould was the first person to use the word "laser". There is good reason to believe that Gordon Gould made the first light laser. Gould was a doctoral student at Columbia University under Charles Towns, the inventor of the maser. Gordon Gould was inspired to build his optical laser starting in 1958. He failed to file for a patent his invention until 1959. As a result, Gordon Gould's patent was refused and others exploited his technology. It took until 1977 for Gordon Gould to finally win his patent war and receive his first patent for the laser.”

So you learned that, Gordon Gould invented and used the word laser first. He was inspired at the year 1958. But he failed until 1959. His patent was refused his technology was exploited by other people. But as you know he eventually invented the light laser.








How Powerful is the Laser?


        According to Madrigal Alexis, “Scientists have switched on the world’s most powerful laser, which for one-trillionth of a second is 2,000 times more powerful than all the power plants in the United States. The laser’s output tops a petawatt, which is a quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) watts of power.”


       This laser is 2,000 times more powerful than any other laser in the world. It is quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) watts of full power. That's a lot. Someday maybe someone will make an even more powerful than this one.






Can Lasers Kill?


 According to Madrigal Alexis, “In a sence you can in fact kill someone with a powerful enough laser pointer, however it would take a very long time depending on the laser. If you are talking about a 15mw laser pointer than you cannot kill someone with it. If you are talking about a 700mw laser pointer you could. You would have to make them stay in one spot for a very long time and shine it into their eye or something.”


       This says that you can kill someone with a laser but depending on what kind it is. If it is a laser pointer I doubt you could, but if it were a stronger more powerful laser I’m sure you probably could.


 Do Lasers use batteries?

       A laser pointer uses batteries so I'm still guessing some do and some don't. But I still don't know if they all use batteries. Laser pointers are just little toys so I still wonder if real lasers use batteries. Really powerful lasers probably don’t.



According to “There are only about 100 different kinds of atoms in the entire universe. Everything we see is made up of these 100 atoms in an unlimited number of combinations. How these atoms are arranged and bonded together determines whether the atoms make up a cup of water, a piece of metal, or the fizz that comes out of your soda can!


Atoms are constantly in motion. They continuously vibrate, move and rotate. Even the atoms that make up the chairs that we sit in are moving around. Solids are actually in motion! Atoms can be in different states of excitation. In other words, they can have different energies. If we apply a lot of energy to an atom, it can leave what is called the ground-state energy level and go to an excited level. The level of excitation depends on the amount of energy that is applied to the atom via heat, light, or electricity.” Atoms are the main things that control the lasers.



What is a Ruby Lasers Wavelength?

       According to Mathew Weschler, “A ruby laser (depicted earlier) is a solid-state laser and emits at a wavelength of 694 nm. Other lasing mediums can be selected based on the desired emission wavelength (see table below), power needed, and pulse duration. Some lasers are very powerful, such as the CO2 laser, which can cut through steel. The reason that the CO2 laser is so dangerous is because it emits laser light in the infrared and microwave region of the spectrum. Infrared radiation is heat, and this laser basically melts through whatever it is focused upon.


Other lasers, such as diode lasers, are very weak and are used in today’s pocket laser pointers. These lasers typically emit a red beam of light that has a wavelength between 630 nm and 680 nm. Lasers are utilized in industry and research to do many things, including using intense laser light to excite other molecules to observe what happens to them.”

So, he says that the wavelength of a Ruby Laser is 694 nm.





Extra Things

According to"Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Battlestar Galactica" -- laser technology plays a pivotal role in science fiction movies and books. It's no doubt thanks to these sorts of stories that we now associate lasers with futuristic warfare and sleek spaceships.


But lasers play a pivotal role in our everyday lives, too. The fact is, they show up in an amazing range of products and technologies. You'll find them in everything from CD players to dental drills to high-speed metal cutting machines to measuring systems. Tattoo removal, hair replacement, eye surgery -- they all use lasers. But what is a laser? What makes a laser beam different from the beam of a flashlight? Specifically, what makes a laser light different from other kinds of light? How are lasers classified?”  I told you most of these things. Like how there used for house things medical things and cutting and all that other stuff.