I want video games for my b-day mommy

By Lucy Ricardo (I love Lucy)   


Would you like to know about the first video game? Or see who invented it? If you donÕt then go away because its not the right sight for you. Do you do want to learn about video games? You do? Well then youÕre in the right place! Lets start from the beginning, probably before you were born. First IÕll tell you what was the first Diddy Kong game. Second I will tell you about the3 number one video game. And last I will tell you about the first Mario game. Now listen carefully. Keep it quiet for everybody to hear.

Main Heading

       This paragraph is about the first Diddy Kong video game. According to Wikipedia, Diddy Kong racing is the first Diddy Kong video game. I think Diddy Kong racing is a really fun game to play because itÕs the next generation to Donkey Kong. And did you know that the first Donkey Kong had Mario in it with princess peach?


         This paragraph is about the number one video game. According to Amazon, the wii fit is the bestseller game. It tells you how much you are struggling with standing. It has games to play after the test you do. It tells you what age you seem to be, and it has to be as low as possible. I think the wii fit is fun because there is lots of fun to play it and also to see what age it thinks you are.


This paragraph is about the first Mario game.

       According to Aleksis Johnson, Donkey Kong was the first Mario game. It had princess peach, Mario, and Donkey Kong of course. I think it is a fun game because it doesnÕt have one person like one game I forgot the name. And itÕs a lot of fun!


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