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Do you want to know what to do before a satellite explodes? You can see for your self in the next paragraph and you well learn about news and magazines and history.

what you do before a satellite explodes.


       This paragraph is about what you do before a satellite explodes. According to Thomas Ricker, the U.S. Navy plans to shoot down the satellites that dose not work from a ship west of Hawaii. The idea is to get a shot off as early as possible in case a second or third attempt is required. The $10 million missile fired from the USS Lake Erie will not carry a warhead. Instead, the 22,000mph impact on the school-bus sized satellite combined with the exploding hydrazine fuel tank should blast the satellite into bite-sized chunks expected to burn up in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the timing of the launch -- 5:30pm locally -- means that our naked eyes won't likely be treated to much of a show. That's what observatories are for.



News and magazines

       Did you know that news and magazines can be made and sold in a minute?

       According to Gary Brown newspapers  and magazines can be sent to multiple printing sites and sent to stores ready to be sold. To learn more .  


Some newspapers and magazines are more timely because they transmit their text and images to multiple printing sites via satellite to speed local distribution.



       Do you know what the first satellite was in space and when?

       The Soviets launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, on October 4, 1957. Forty years later, the Cold War is over, and the Russian space program frightens only its own cosmonauts. It's difficult to recapture the sense of paranoia and self-doubt that Sputnik created in the U.S., but The New York Times' coverage of that week helps a bit. If journalism is the first draft of history, this was an especially rough draft, because the Soviets released information about the satellite in limited bursts, leaving much to speculation. But the paper's stories delved into the political and military implications of the Soviet feat, while managing to convey a sense of wonder. After all, the first step into space was an achievement that transcended politics.


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