Look it up on the internet

By a sports pro


Have you ever seen a add on the internet that was inappropriate, well in this report I will tell you how to take care of those bad adds.  Also in this report you will learn about the Internet ,itŐs history and some fun facts. Enjoy!

About the Internet.

This paragraph is about what the Internet stands for.

Well according to Keith Ferrell Internet stands for interconnected network of networks I donŐt know why it is so long but I think part of it is cause it is inter connected like with more than one computer can connect or some thing.  I did not know that, how bout you?

This paragraph is about what the Internet is named after. According to Steve Crocker the Internet is named after the Internet Protocol, every computer on the Internet uses the standard communications protocol.  The Internet can powerfully control your ability to find, manage, and share information.  Never before in human history has such a valuable resource been available to so many at a very little cost. Wow we are lucky.

This paragraph is about how many websites there are.

 According to Digital inspiration there are about 182,000,000 websites world wide and almost 10.5 million of them are hosted by google's own web severs kind of like blogger and stuff like that.  But that was back in October 2008 and new websites are made every day so I don't know how many there is today and probably more are hosted by google now too so ya.




This paragraph is about who invented the Internet.   According to Tech-Faq this is what they say about itÉ While some people think that Al Gore invented the Internet well I am telling you right now that Al Gore did not invent the internet.  The people who invented it was a group researchers and scientists at the newly formed advanced research projects agency (arpa) after the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik.

This paragraph is about when the Internet was invented. The internet was invented in the United states and is now used world wide but what I am not here to tell you it is used world wide I am here to tell you that you is that the internet was invented any where between late 1950s and the early 1970's.

This paragraph is about the fist computer to connect to the internet.  According to Tech-faq they say that after many years of work, a computer at University of California, LA, that became the fist computer to connect to the internet in time, three more computers would be connected to the internet in 1969. Leading to the star of the internet revolution.  How cool is that?

This paragraph is about how the internet started. Before the widespread internetworking that led to the Internet, most communication networks were limited by their nature to only allow communications between the stations on the network, and the pre computer network method was based on the central mainframe computer model.  Is that cool?



Interesting facts

This paragraph is about how the post office loses money cause people pay bills on the Internet. According to Kim Persons the post office loses money cause people pay bills on line. My mom used to pay $55.44 each year sending bills and taxes.  Now she pays about $1.26 each year but you still have to but envelopes and gas for your car.  She saves that much by paying bills on line and so as a total she saved $54.18 each year.  You might be able to save that much just by paying bills online.

This paragraph is about the police for the Internet.  Did you know that there are police for the Internet?  HereŐs what they do,  so if you see a bad ad on the internet you can call a certain number and it will go to this police and you tell them about it and what company it is and they will call the company and tell them to take it off.  You should try it sometime.

This paragraph is about Internet download security. According to Steve Crocker Internet security is pretty good. People probably could hack into your credit card.  But download is really good you can download almost anything you can download Itunes and almost anything you want but just be careful.

This paragraph is about what Internet server is used the most.  What Internet sever do you use? Safari, mozila fire fox, Internet explorer or what?  Well out of those three and others here is what I found that internet explorer is used 67% and mozila fire fox is used 22% and safari is used 8% and others are used 3%.  What Internet sever do you use?



So now you know what it is named after, how many websites there are, what sever is used most, internet download security, when it was invented, what the first computer to connect to the internet was, how to report a bad add or what internet server you can use I really hope you learned stuff in my report.