The special light!!!

By: master cheifity flubberdy blubberdy


Do you sometimes stare into lights well you shouldnÕt stare into this one because it can blind U!!!

What it can do!!!

The word Laser is actually an acronym forÉ ;0

According to the acronym is Light   amplification simulated emission radiation.

Bad things that laser can do! L

The bad things that laser can do are, blinding people, and catching stuff on fire, burning important stuff. But also there is laser operations that can make you see again.

       What Laser is!

         Lasers are actually lights that are very, very focused on one spot. They are usually red and green but IÕve seen a blue and an orange.

       Laser weapons!!!

       In a videogame called halo 3 there is a weapon called the Spartan laser!!!

The history of the laser!

       Who invented the laser?

       According to the man named Gordon Gould.  



That was my report on the laser hope you enjoyed it. Here is a cite for laser information ( /facts/index.html) (