Get DTV or donŐt watch TV

By The cool dog


Do you want to watch a TV with very bad signal. ÔCause if you donŐt you better get DTV or a converter box for your old TV. Oh and I can tell you where to get a converter box.

What DTV Is

This paragraph is about other countries that use DTV. According to wikipedia, Jamaica is switching to DTV at the same time the USA. DTV is a high tech technology that gives better vision and sound for your TV. ThatŐs why people around the world want DTV. The people in Asia are, and people in other continents. If you donŐt have DTV you might want to get a converter box for your old TV if you have one. ÔCause it will not be fun with no signal.

Really what is DTV.  DTV is like regular TV but it has dramatically clear pictures and better sound like I said in the paragraph earlier. Do you hate it when you


History of DTV

       This paragraph is about why DTV was invented.

           So we can get better sound and view of

How DTV Works

       This paragraph is about how DTV works. DTV has many pixels, many very small pixels. That gives you way better vision. It gives you better sound too. That means better sound and better vision. If you have cable or satellite that will provide DTV for you. Newer TVŐs have DTV built in to them. If you have an old TV then you need to buy a converter box.


          Can I still play video games. According to wikipedia yes you can. You can hook it up to a DTV receiver. ItŐs so easy to do  you donŐt even need tools you can just use your hands



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