The awesome Internet and Global Positioning $ystem!!!

By Pretty Girl 


       IÕm going to tell you about the Internet and the GPS. You will learn were and when the Internet was invented. You will learn about the GPS too. ItÕs awesome!!!!! If you read my report you will learn. The GPS can show were on the world you are, isnÕt that totally awesome!! Keep reading itÕs Great!!!!!

What is the Internet

              This Paragraph is about the Internet. The Internet is a lot of computers all over the world connected together so that people can share information. The Internet started a long time ago in 1974 at Stamford University. But it was not until about 1989 that regular people could start to use the Internet. Now, almost everybody uses the Internet to get information from all over the world about almost anything.


              This Paragraph is how you can connect to the Internet with out a wire. How do you connect to the internet with out a wire? You use a wireless connection. Like a Itouch or a laptop or a smart phone. You can connect to the internet with any one of those. IsnÕt that cool!

What is the GPS


              This Paragraph is what a GPS is. The GPS is a device that can show you were you are on the earth. It also can show you were you want to go. It can tell you when to turn when your at the right place. Does it get information from a satellite? Yes, it does, it works by a satellite that tracks were you are and were your going.


              This Paragraph is about GPS.  The GPS has connection from a satellite that can show you were a place is and were you can go. The GPS is like a electronic map it can tell you when to turn when your there. I think the GPS is awesome.


       The Internet and the GPS are two awesome things. If you ever get a GPS or a Computer you have to be really careful with it.  The Internet has a lot of bad stuff so be careful of what you do.