It Used To Be Called Video Games Now It’s Called A cool Way To Have Fun

By Smiley Girl J


 Do you ever get bored? If you do, you should read my report about video games so you will know about them, then you can go and by one have fun playing!. It will have interesting facts like what the first video game was, history of video games, and cool facts of video games.

What the First Video Game Was


This paragraph is about how the first video game came to be. According to Brookhaven National Laboratory, the first video game ever was “Tennis for Two .” ( It was first created in 1985 in a lab and was designed to provide an interactive way to learn about science. It was created on a lark to give the people posters. There were two controllers. Two people played at the same time. It was a huge hit and people were lining up to get a chance to play the game. It is unquestionably a forerunner of the modern video games. The man who created it was William Higinbotyham. It was a very simply designed tennis game. The video games that we have today are much more fun and exciting. They are more complex. Video games have come a long way ever since “Tennis for Two.”

History Of Video Games


This paragraph is about if the first real video game was really “Tennis for Two.” According to Brookhaven National Laboratory, “Tennis for Two “ was not the first video game. There were some other inventions before Tennis for Two. The games before Tennis for Two were a lot more complicated. You had to get a sheet of paper and put it up to your screen. That would make it look like it was moving. They were harder to make them work good unlike the technology we have today.


This paragraph is about who invented the video game “Tennis for Two.” According to Brookhaven National Laboratory the inventor of "Tennis for Two" was William Higinbotham. He invented it because he knew that playing would be better than looking at posters hanging up on a wall. It took William about two hours to finish the lay out design. I think that it is cool that William Higinbotham made a video game lay-out in about two hours.

Cool Facts Like Gaming Systems and How They are Made

This next paragraph is about the most popular gaming system. According to , the most popular gaming system it Sony's PlayStation 3 . It is the most expensive nextgen console. It includes a Blu-ray drive. It is very hard to resist.


This paragraph is about what it takes to make a video game. According to, to make a video game you have to get a general game design. You can do it by a single developer. Second the design has documents they are taken to a publisher if the publishers is separate from the developer. Third, production ramps up once all of the staff are in place it includes sound, sprite and polygon artists. Source code programmers and testers. Fourth the production ends, the game is fully tested. All known bugs are eliminated. After that, the games are shipped to stores.


So if you don’t want to be bored, just play a video game. It is easy. Now you know some things about video games. I hope you liked reading my report!