The Light Amplified By The Stimulated Emission Of Radiation A.K.A. L.A.S.E.R. A.K.A. Laser

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       Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy and have all these cool gadgets like Laser? Well in this report I will tell you about Laser, what it means, stands for, works, does, and other cool things.

What Laser means, and stands for

This paragraph is about what laser means and stands for. According to Katharine M.J. Osborne, the acronym LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is commonly used as a word and written as "laser". The "radiation" portion of the acronym sounds ominous, but radiation just means traveling light or other particles. Lights, or photons, are electromagnetic waves including everything from X-rays to radio waves. LASER light tends to be in or near the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. So basically it is light that is amplified by controlled radiation.


How Laser works

This paragraph is about how laser works. Normal light sources tend to emit a hodgepodge of diverse photons. The Sun and stars, incandescent light bulbs, florescent lights, fires and candles, LEDŐs (Light Emission Devices), and most surfaces reflecting light, are made of a variety of atomic elements that hold and emit light of different frequencies and at different polarities. Frequency in light refers to a photon's position in the electromagnetic spectrum. All light oscillates, waving up and down, side to side, or somewhere in between as it travels. How quickly it waves determines the frequency. The polarity of light is the direction of the oscillations. Polarized light oscillates all in one direction instead of a natural, random distribution of directions. Lasers emit light of the same frequency and polarity. Normal light such as florescent light, fire, and candles emit light with different frequencies which causes it to project light in a lot of different directions. But Laser emits light of the same polarity and frequency so it is a focused beam of light usually called (a) Laser.