WhatŐs the pretty light?

By Rosa Parks


Well that pretty light is a LASER. Today we will be talking about lasers. There are many types of lasers, and many types of uses for lasers. Like the ruby laser. Or if you donŐt want glasses or contacts, you can get laser surgery in your eye. It doesnŐt even hurt! Not that I know of.  Any way, we will be talking about lots of things, and I promise questions shall be answered!


So you want to learn about the laser huh? Well letŐs learn some information. Theodore Maiman invented the laser. And it was invented in 1960. It was made in California. And last of all LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.    

What can a Laser do?

You may think wow Lasers are useless that Theodore Maiman sure is a dummy. But actually lasers have become pretty useful. From security lasers, to laser surgery, lasers have become really useful. And all lasers are made of is light. And it can still protect a whole building. And laser surgery, (as I talked about a little while ago) can improve persons eyesight. Lasers are pretty helpful

All about Theodore Maiman

Theodore Harold Maiman was born in Los Angeles on July 11, 1927. He died May 5, 2007, (on Cinco de Mayo.) in Vancouver, Canada. He died at age 32.The people who helped in making the LASER are: Gordon Gould, Charles Townes, Arthur Schawlow, and of course, Theodore Maiman.


Laser shows, Laser Surgery (LASIK)       The first thing we will be talking about in this paragraph is Laser shows. What people do in laser shows is theyŐll sit down and watch Lasers carve pictures. The Laser will draw the most amazing pictures. And some might possibly be hard for even a human to draw.


      Now we will be talking about Laser Surgery (LASIK). If you donŐt want to wear glasses or contacts anymore, you could get LASIK. What LASIK does is they put a Laser in your eye and remove a small flap of your cornia. Thus removing a small amount of tissue. And it doesnŐt hurt at all! It normally takes 3 to 5 minutes to do LASIK. But unfortunately, LASIK cost $2500.




      Well, I ran out of things to tell you. So I hope you learned something today and you think Lasers are cool. Goodbye!!!!!!!! L