Do you want to know what TA$ER$ do to you!!!

By a big blob of goop


Hey! Hey! You! Get on the ground! Just kidding.  Do you know what tasers are? Well I will tell you what they are in the next paragaph they look like they have little thunder or lightning coming out of the gun they have different kind of tasers guns. And they stun you and leave a mark.  Keep reading if you would like to learn about taser history, taser powers, and what tasers are.


Taser History

This paragraph is about tasers IÕm going to tell you what tasers are. DonÕt mess with cops or stun stun. So I suggest donÕt mess with cops or police well same thing right uh. Well thatÕs all I have to say.                                                   Wait Wait up I have a couple of things to say On the old "Star Trek" series, Captain Kirk and his crew never left the ship without their trusty phasers. One of the coolest things about these weapons was the "stun" setting. Unless things were completely out of control (as they frequently were), the Enterprise crew always stunned their adversaries, rendering them temporarily unconscious, rather than killing them.

We're still a ways off from this futuristic weaponry, but millions of police officers, soldiers and ordinary citizens do carry real-life stun weapons to protect against personal attacks. Like the fictional phasers of "Star Trek," these devices are designed to temporarily incapacitate a person without doing any long-term damage. Did you know that you could die if you get stunned too much by tasers Stun guns generate a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge.


This paragraph is about what kinds of tasers there are.  Tasers are all different kinds like shotguns and machineguns and pistols so watch out donÕt get in trouble.


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