Are you coo coo for the Internet

By puppy lover


       Hey do you like the Internet.  Well I bet you do.  All of the people I know like the Internet.  So I am just going to guess that you do to.  So about the Internet,  I am going to teach you lots of fun and interesting facts about it. Here we go.


Big numbers

 How many people get on the Internet in one day?  Well to be honest just about the biggest number you have ever heard. Well here is goes.  250,000,000.  Yep thatÕs right two hundred fifty million people get on the Internet on one day.  ThatÕs one itsy bitsy day. Wow. : -]



       What is the most popular blog on the  internet you might ask. Well you are about to find out.  The most popular blog on the Internet is a news blog called ŌBreaking news and opinion on the Huffington Post.Ķ Pretty cool aint it. But this is just the beginning.:-]


Map tracking Ooo

        You might wonder what the heck map tracking is. Well youÕre about to find out. Map tracking is something on the Internet you can use to find your house or simply another location. Enjoy:-]



       Have you ever wondered What the most popular website is. Well IÕm going to teach you. In three two one let the learning begin.



Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.