The thing that change your life or make sure your safe

By: The cell phone expert


Have you ever need a phone well get one then you know about the cell phone well in this report what will you think about it know you will learn in this report and not even have to go on the internet to find out because you are not wasting well the internet and what could be dangers or not.


Dangers of Cell Phones

This paragraph is about whether cell phones cause cancer or not.  According to American Cancer Society,  if the cell phones cause cancer it states that cell phones wouldnÕt be expected to cause cancer because they donÕt emit really bad radiation. While some small studies have shown a link between the two.  They have not had enough time to study them as much. While they were invented in 1973 they become more popular because of the touch, and they a lot improved over time so need to be scared your covered.

A kind of Cell Phone

       This paragraph is about when the I Touch came out.  According to Wiki answers it came out in last 2008, September 8 was when the first Itouch phone came out on the display to by the I Touch. If you have one you are so lucky to have one. 


       This paragraph is about future cell phones. According to Think Quest it could take over any time and will have channels, codes GPS talking Technological advancements such as TDMA, CDMA, and GSM already provide clear calls so if you want to see it keep waiting well it in the future



This paragraph is about when it was invented.  According to Wiki Answers it was in 1947 but that when they stared it because it had some problems to fix then came finally out in 1957 and wasnÕt much as popular as today because it has improved over time more than back when it first came out so do it.



This paragraph is about who invented it According to Wiki Answers it was Dr. Martin Cooper. With the phone that was not like today like the I touch and the flip and the side. So if you were there when doctor Cooper phone he started and compare it today witch one would you think improved read the rest of the page.




How it works

This paragraph is about how the cell phone works.

According to Think Quest with out a code digit number and channel it cannot be set up right or may not have no service to found on the cell phone and your Sims Card contras your whole cell phone to use all these. Identification code (SID) and if you every wanted to know now you know what is in your cell phone.

What it is

          This paragraph is about what is (SID) ? According to Think Quest what it is When the cell phone is activated it searches for a System Identification Code (SID) on a control channel. A SID is a different 5digit number that is assigned. The control channel is responsible for allowing the phone and base station to communicate. So donÕt forget or you might get it right on a test


How long has the cell phone been popular?

       According to here were, in this groundwork, the beginnings of the cell phone. It wasn't until 1973, though, that the first call was made from a cell phone. In 1947, AT&T and Bell Labs requested that the Federal Communications Commission allocate more radio wave frequencies so mobile phone use could become more widespread. The FCC declined, and so there were only a limited amount of frequencies available and also ten years too so keep counting the populations.


 This paragraph can you travel?

       Yes of course you can because well it doesnÕt need to be well plug in the wall but some place just to tell you some place there could not even work to so ever bring a phone plug out of the wall it will not work I mean trust me.


       I hope you like my report and have fun learning about the cell phone so if you ever forget anything about the cell phone remember and come look back at all of it and thank for reading it.