The life saver the taser

By D-Money


       In these paragraphs I will talk about tasers. Cool huh. I will tell you interesting things about tasers I will answer questions you might have about tasers like who the heck invented the taser? I will tell you what it is the history how it works the taser now and if tasers are better than guns.

What is a taser?

 This is a paragraph about why policemen need tasers or police tech.  According to CBC News, policemen need tasers to stop someone from getting away with out killing them. Cool right. Sometimes they use it to calm someone down. So then they can put the handcuffs on them. The taser shocks the person they shoot at. It is like being electrocuted. The taser has more than 50,000 volts of electricity. It would not be fun to gut shot with would it. Other police tech like there cars are a different story.


This paragraph about what tasers are. According to CBC News tasers are guns that stun someone. Like being electrocuted. Ouch! Tasers are very useful to policemen. I would suggest that you donŐt get shot by one.



History of tasers

       This paragraph is about who invented the taser. According to Bruce Weber. Jack Cover was the first one to invent the taser. The sad thing is that Jack Cover recently died.  Sad isnŐt it. But he did invent something useful. Now do you know who invented the taser?



How does taser work?

       This paragraph is about what tasers run on. According to The taser runs on electricity. So that is why it is like being electrocuted it has more than 50,000 volts of electricity. It is very powerful.


       This is a paragraph about how tasers work. According to protect your There are two parts of a taser one is the taser and the other is an air cartage. Then you put the cartage in the taser and then when you pull the trigger it works.


Tasers now

       This is a paragraph about what the problem with tasers is.  According to myself. The problem is that they can really hurt somebody. And sometimes even kill someone.


         This is a paragraph about who makes tasers now. According to CBC News, the Arizona Based National makes tasers. They make tasers for a lot of policemen. So they have to make a ton of tasers.


       This paragraph is about if all policemen carry tasers. According to CBC News, mostly every police force carry tasers. So most policemen carry tasers. Now do you know if all policemen carry tasers?

Are tasers better than guns or not?

         This paragraph is about if tasers are better than guns. According to protect my We do not really know. Because a taser is just as much risk to kill a person than a gun.



This is my last paragraph. So I hope I have answered some of your questions about tasers and hope I answered some new ones. And also put some new questions about tasers. I hope you liked my report on tasers. I think tasers in the future will not be as dangerous than they are now. What do you think?