By: Nina Holman


What if you get in a crash? What if you got lost traveling to St. George? Well don’t cry cause there is something new called GPS!!! If you don’t use GPS then you are so confused, any ways in this report it will show you pictures and not/ source cards. So pay attention to this report. First of in the main heading it will show you a note card and maybe a source card. And a cool picture! I will teach you things I now about GPS. First off I would like to show you a note card, source card, website and a cool picture of GPS. Mr. Welch did this note card, he also wrote it in his own words.

Main Heading


First off in this paragraph

Here's a GPS gadget I hope you never get! It is called BluTag. BluTag is a tamper-proof ankle bracelet that communities such as San Bernadino, Calif., use to keep track of the locations of people who have been put in prison, but are now out on parole. Convicted gang members and child offenders must wear these ankle bracelets, so the police know where they are at all times. It is waterproof up to 15 feet deep, weighs only six ounces and relays the wearer's location to supervising agencies via cellular towers.

This is Mr. Welch’s own word.

A criminal tracker is a device that the police can put on a criminal's leg to keep track of him/her.  The device cannot be cut off.  The device has GPS so the criminal can always be located.  By the way, did I tell you that the criminal is on parole (let out of jail for a time)? GPS criminal tracker


This paragraph is about a source card.


National Academy of Sciences

The Global Positioning System: The Role of Atomic Clocks

May 5, 2009

This article tells about how GPS uses atomic clocks for accuracy.  It has a good intro (I found 3 of my answers) and two other paragraphs.  It has one nice picture, but it's a little small.  By the way, it has SEVEN chapters of GPS stuff!

Mr. Welch made this source card.


This paragraph is a picture of a GPS and a laser,











This is a GPS and a Laser. Is that cool or what?




GPS is what I would want to use. Here is a quick game you guess if picture number 1 thru 10 what is it? GPS? Or a Laser?





















Did you get it right?

Did you get them right? Well let’s see… Question number one was a Laser! Did you get it right? Well question number two was… GPS! Did you get it right? Well let’s see Question number three … it was another GPS! Well I am bored question number was four… it was a GPS wheel chair. Question number five was… a GPS phone. Question number six was a laser phone. Question number seven was another laser. Question number eight was a laser.  Question number nine is a laser. Question number ten was another laser.  Wow! I am tired I hope that you got all of them right! If you did go give someone a kiss on the cheek. Well thanks for reading my report. I hope that you have a nice day!