THE Awesome DTV

By I carly


        This report is about DTV. There are interesting things. This  report is going to make you want to watch TV.

Main Heading

This paragraph is about why we need to switch to DTV.  According to, DTV shows better pictures and sounds.  Each TV station has its own digital broad  cast channel. When everyone has swiched to DTV there will be more channels for people like the   police  and rescue people to send emergency message.




 What is DTV

       DTV is a new TV and it is bigger and better than other kinds of TVs.  You can here people better on DTV. There   is a lot of

Information about TVs that people can not find. The DTV was invented for people to watch better telivistion. There is Better screen and sounds the pictures are more colorful.




How does DTV work?

       Digital telivision is known as DTV improves crystal

   Clear pictures and sounds too.  According to Mr. Welch the entena gets something and sends it to the cable box and makes the TV see.