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Please read my report I worked to hard on it eney wase it will be awesome I think. Can the bionicŐs work in the rain and in the fire. Will lets find out.


What is the bionic?

This paragraph is about whether or not bionics can fly.  According to bionic company.



It is a thing that can put a body part on if you donŐt have a body part in one part. Prof. Yael Hanein of Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering has foundational research that may give sight to blind eyes, merging retinal nerves with electrodes to stimulate cell growth. Successful so far in animal models, this research may one day lay the groundwork for retinal implants in people.


But that's a way off, she says. Until then, her half-human, half-machine invention can be used by drug developers investigating new compounds or formulations to treat delicate nerve tissues in the brain. Prof. Hanein's research group published its work recently in the journal Nanotechnology.

And also a bionic is policeman. Because it is simple because there is a police officer that lost both of his legs so he just put on bionic legs. The police officer is a high way patrolman.

Also they are very fragile so donŐt break them or you will pay a lot of money.

What is bionic history

Bionic history is like how was the bionic made and where was it made and how was it made. Bionic history is also how can it work in fire and how it can work in the rain that is a faceted. Will letŐs find out if there is a bionic robot. Great news there is a bionic robot they have a great powered system to keep them a live.

Can bionic history come to an end.  No!

How do bionicŐs work

It can work by the power and strength that the people who invented the bionic so they can work in the rain and in the fire.

It can also work by its medal and source that it has been given to it.

Can a bionic work if it is broken? No! Because itŐs power that is so special it needŐs that power to work because it takes a lot to work.   


They still can work in the rain because it is how it was made and it still has a awesome thing to it to make it work. And it has some pretty cool history about it you should check it out on the Internet but there is a bionic eye so that will make it cool. And last but not least what is the bionic. Will I told you in paragraph 1 but thatŐs not all it is made out of medal and it is made out of a lot of stuff. Thanks for listing I hope you enjoyed my report.  





Eric m Jones


June 1, 1909

I am doing my report on bionics so the bionics are special because if you donŐt have a body part you can put a bionic on.