Smart-phones? No Way!

By: Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

Intro for the Smart-phone

Wanna learn about Smart-phones? No? Well I am going to talk about what a smart-phone is, the history of a smart-phone, how a smart-phone works, and the cool stuff about the smart-phones. Have fun learning about the smart-phones!

What the Smart-phone is.

In this paragraph, I will tell you about the top ten smart-phones.  According to, the top ten smart-phones are: (#1. Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB) (#2. Motorola Droid) (#3. Palm Pre) (#4. Blackberry Bold 9700) (#5. Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB) (#6. Blackberry Storm 2) (#7. Motorola Cliq) (#8. Samsung Moment) (#9. Blackberry Tour 9630) (#10. HTC Droid Eris).  If you like Smart-phones, pick one of the top ten for anyone in your family.


The History of the Smart-phones.

This paragraph is about what the first smart-phone was called. According to Wikipedia, the first thing I will tell you about what the first smart-phone was called. The first smart-phone was called SIMON. It was designed by IBM in 1992. That wasn't that long ago. According to Wikipedia, it was released to the public in 1993 and sold by BellSouth. Besides being a mobile phone, it also contained a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail, send and receive fax, and games. This paragraph is so amazing. You should get a SIMON smart-phone.

This paragraph is about why the people invented the Smart-phones. According to Wikipedia, think of a daily task, any daily task, and it's likely there's a pocket-sized device designed to help you accomplish it. There are little machines to make phone calls (cell phone), keep your calendar and address book (PDA), play your music (iPod), give directions (GPS), take pictures (camera), check your e-mail, and do countless other things. But how many pockets do you have? Handheld devices become as clunky as a room-sized supercomputer when you have to carry four of them around with you every day. What you need, instead, is a smart-phone.  Smart-phones are one of the best phones ever and everyone should get one when they have enough money.


How the Smart-phones work.

This paragraph is about how you call on a smart-phone. There is a little green button in one of the corners of the smart-phone. You click that and you go to the numbers to dial on it and then you call someone. My brother has a smart-phone and I call on his phone all the time to my friends.

This paragraph is about when the droid comes out and what it has on it. According to BillShrink Inc., after a few months of blogging and heavy veil of secrecy, the new Motorola Droid by Verizon Wireless is to launch with in a few days, just in time for the holiday seasons. The Droid is entering into a smart-phone marketplace dominated by the Palm Pre, Sprint, and the most popular on of all the iPhone 3GS and it has AT&T. How are the customers supposed to compare the offerings? is here to help! While these sticker prices are really hard to compare between smart-phones, they each have their own generous features.  My uncle has a droid so I like now everything on a droid and it has a lot of apps on it.


The Cool Stuff about Smart-phones.

This paragraph is about how companies are different and alike. According to Wikipedia, it is like a war between Sprint and AT&T. These two phones will be their best and most powerful presenters that they will have. iPhone 3G is not out yet but AT&T was a success at selling the previous versions of iPhone for about a year now. Some people love AT&T and others love Sprint but it is their choice to choose which one they like. What they are going to do is compare the features of the two phones. I really like AT&T but I really think that Sprint is the best one in the whole wide world to me!

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So did you enjoy learning about the Smart-phones? I am glad you had fun. I hope you keep learning about them so you can teach your family about them.  There are 4 main ideas in my report, so learn more and tell me what you have learned!










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May 6, 2010

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This article tells a few things about the Smart-phones, like what it was called, history, and its OS.