The best and the awesomest DVR report in history

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What do you think DVR stands for demented valentineÕs rabbit. Well you were way off. If you want to find out what it means keep reading this. You will find what DVR stands for and other much more interesting things.

What is a DVR?

What dose DVR really stand for. According to because it is the easiest and fastest way to say Digatal Video Recorder. I much rather say DVR that is like way more hip.

Just some stuff that is awesomely wicked about a DVRÕs

How many hours can a DVR hold? according to teaching tools. 35-50 hours but the old ones were 35 hr. and the new ones are 50 hr. wouldnÕt that be awesome if the old ones held 50 hours and the new ones held like 150 hours that would be wicked!

What is the difference between DVR and VCR? When it was invented it was the most popular thing! You could record a show that you want to watch later and it will record and you can watch it. When you are watching it you can fast forward through it. The VCR didnÕt work so good. It would melt and get tangled by the sun, and you could not record a whole show is you wanted to, you could only record 1 hour of a show or what ever you are recording. Wow DVRÕs have improved a lot.

Some facts on DVRÕs

Why do people like the DVR so much.  According to They record your favorite show A lot of people like to record sports well duh who wouldnÕt want to record sports and thatÕs why I like the DVR. You can pause, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward. They are way more popular now because of the recording and the pausing stoping rewind ect.  Dose a DVR have a special way it works? According to the telivision signal comes from the DVRÕs built in turner and then the signal ships it off into two separate places. That is very very complicated.

How much dose a DVR cost. It cost $13 for just a month but it cost $129 a year. But if you donÕt want to pay every month you can just pay for a lifetime and that cost $400. FYI (for your information) this is only for direct TV.



When was the DVR invented.  According to gale. It was invente in 1993.  Man that was before I was born. That was a long time ago I just feel bad for the people that were alive then because the DVR has really improved a tone more.








Now you know what DVR really means and some other cool stuff about DVRÕs. If you donÕt have a DVR it is the best thing you can buy. Now you know everything mostly about it so now go out and buy a DVR!






When was the DVR invented?

May 6, 2010

According to The first device to record a video signal to a spinning disk in real-time actually dates back to 1965 and an experiment done by CBS. This primitive predecessor to the DVR was released commercially by Ampex in 1967 and was called the HS-100. The Ampex device was large and held only 30 seconds of video, making it seem practically useless in comparison to the DVR units of today.



Jonathan strictland and james bickers

How does a DVR work?

May 6, 2010

Acording to TV EvolutiImage Gallery DVR Photo courtesy of A digital video recorder, or DVR, is tapeless and stores programs on a hard drive. See more TV evolution pictures. When the VCR was first introduced to the public, the television industry reacted with panic. Here was a device that would let people record programs, watch them when they felt like it as opposed to when the programming staff decided they should, and (scariest of all) skip through the commercials! But the television industry survived despite the widespread popularity of VCRs. Now the dreaded VCR is in its death throes and a more modern innovation has come along that makes recording television programs even easier: the digital video recorder, or DV