Want to be entertained, then get a video game.

By PedroÕs brother


Are you bored and have nothing to entertain you well get some video games. They are a lot of fun and can entertain you when youÕre bored and have nothing to do. Well in these paragraphs I am going to IÕm going to tell you what a video game is, the history of it, and how it works.

What is a Video Game?

This paragraph tells about what a Video Games is.  According to Wikipedia, the video game is a device that uses electricity and is played on a TV. It also creates a picture. That's so you can see what your doing on the TV. Also that is how you have fun. So stop being bored and get a video game.

This paragraph tells about if video games are addicting. According to Anne Chappell at parenthood.com David Walsh, a psychologist conducted an experiment and found out that they can be very addicting. It can affect your behavior. You can tell if you or someone else is addicted. In his experiment he found that one out of seven kids who played video games got addicted. So keep those kids liking their homework.

The history of the Video Game

This paragraph is about who invented the video game.  According to cable news network Baer, an engineer in making televion sets was the one to. He invented the video game in 1966. He first thought of it in 1951, but his bosses didn't like it. Fifteen years later he scribbled down stuff on vide games. When he got home he typed up a four-page paper and turned it in to his bosses. So you might want to look up to him.

This paragraph is about if Super Mario Bros. was popular.  According to amazon.com many people played and watched Super Mario Bros. Even a movie came out on Super Mario Bros. It is very popular. It is found in many places. .  Flavor. So get up and get Super Mario Bros.

This paragraph tells about why they invented video games.  According to wikianswers there was no entertainment when you couldnÕt go out side. They invented video games 'cause they needed entertainment. So now people arenÕt bored. Also people can have fun.  So stop being bored and get a video game.

How the video game works

This paragraph is about if you can cheat at Super Mario

Bros.  According to William Crank you can do cheats, but they arenÕt really cheat. They just are to get stuff to get you lives and coins and stuff that are fun. Also to get past enemies. It also tells you about things like how to steal turns from the other players. That is the kind of cheats it's talking about.  So try to find as many as you can.

This paragraph tells about if Super Mario Bros. can be a multi player game.  According to nitendo.com the new Super Mario Bros. game was made so that you could play by yourself. Also if you wanted to play with others in the middle of your game you could. It can be fun for families. Also to be able to play with it with your friends.  So call over your friends and have a battle to the death (even if your working together).



So if youÕre bored and have no entertainment you should get a video game.  As I said in what is a video game, The history of the video game, and How the video game works.







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