J Fantastic fighter jet!!! And not so fantastic Hybrid car L

By Elvis Presley


They are fast heavy and cost a lot

Main Idea

Topic Sentence. The f-15 is really fast going 1,320 your head would be squished a genets the seat and you could not sit up.  This is flavor fighter jets are fast one of the fastest plans in the world. This paragraph is about what the word “hybrid” means.  According to Julia Layton, the word hybrid means two of anything.  So, something that has TWO power sources is a hybrid.  That's why we call cars that use gas and electricity hybrids.  [Add Flavor].

This paragraph is about some examples of hybrids, which are NOT cars.  According to Julia Layton, some examples of non-car hybrids are trains, buses, and submarines.  The trains and the buses use diesel fuel and electricity.  The submarines use nuclear power and electricity. [Add Flavor].


This paragraph is about what a hybrid car is.  According to Toyota.com, a hybrid car has two sources of power.  First, it has a gasoline engine.  Second, it has an electric motor. [Add Flavor].



This paragraph is about how much less pollution a hybrid car makes than a regular car.  According to Toyota.com, A hybrid makes less than half of the pollution than a normal car.  These dangerous emissions are called CO2. [Add Flavor].







Tom Harris

How F-15s Work

may 5 2010

the f-15 can climb to 30,000 ft in anond 60 seconds and can reach over mach speeds 2.5 at high altiuds.