Space Shuttles are Becoming “It”

By Mr. Ryder Pants

Popcorn in Space

       Do you like popcorn? Well try eating it on a space shuttle, in space. You could try to catch it in your mouth when it floats around. That is defenantly something that I would do. You could even act like a frog and catch it in your mouth because it sticks to your tongue. In this report you will learn about the space shuttles history, what it is, how it works, and how many stuff.

What is it?

According to, the space shuttle is a reusable spacecraft with wings for controlled descent in the atmosphere that is designed to transport space people between Earth and an orbiting space station and also used to deploy. I think that eating popcorn like a frog in space is really cool. Space Shuttle’s are so cool I really want to ride in one.

The Space Shuttle’s History

According to, the space shuttle is the first thing to go to space. It is so cool.

This paragraph is about who invented the space shuttle. The space shuttle was not so much invented as it was "developed" throughout a decade. The Space Transportation System has this Space Shuttle is an American spacecraft thingy that is operated by NASA for an obital space mission for humans. There system is supposed to be retired from the service thing in 2010. Their flights are beginning in 1982.  It has been used for orbital space stations. I think that the space shuttle is cool for not being invented but for being developed.

This paragraph is about What Year Was the Space Shuttle invented? According to, the program of the Space shuttle it was initiated on January 5, 1972. President Nixon said that they were going to begin a development of a space shuttle. The first  really good space shuttle was invented in Columbia and the delivered it to the Kennedy space shuttle center. Columbia first launched their first  shuttle on April 12, 1981.  Plus the first complete orbiter, Enterprise was completed on September 17, 1976. I think that that space shuttles are cool because They are just cool.

This Paragraph is about the first person to launch in a space shuttle. The day of April 12th was already a really big day in space history that was twenty years before the launch of the first shuttle mission thingy. Some guy named Yuri Gagarin he became the first human to go to the cool thing called space!! Though I don't know whether or not Yuri is a MAN or a woman. I am pretty sure that Yuri is a guy. Wait I just saw a picture and Yuri is a MAN for sure. I think that Yuri was really good. I think that Yuri is a woman's name. The people who go in space shuttles are very brave.

This paragraph is about what space shuttle was lost on take off and the heaviest object to launch into space. The space shuttle called Challanger was lost on take off. The heaviest object to launch into space was a Skylab. I think that I don’t want to be lost on take off if I ever go on a space shuttle.

This paragraph is about “How long it has been since they launched the last space shuttle” and when the space shuttle Columbia was launched. It was launched on July 15th 2009. It was launched April 12, to April 14, in the year of 1981. The Columbia space shuttle was lost on Entry. I think that they should launch more space shuttles. Columbia’s space shuttles thing is cool.

How the Space Shuttle Works

According to, the space shuttle is very hard to make.

This paragraph is about why parts come off of space shuttle and how the Goddard Space Flight Centre take pictures of Earth. They come off of the space shuttle because they are not secure. The Goddard Space Flight have a special camera to take pictures of earth. I think that taking pictures of Earth is really cool.

This paragraph is about what space Shuttle is not capable of space flight. The Enterprise Space Shuttle is not capable of space flight.  I think that the not being able of space flight is so sad.

The Space Shuttles “How Many’s”

According to, all of the space shuttles are very useful.

This paragraph is about how many people can be in a space shuttle at one time. There can be 8 people in a space shuttle at once. When I was researching this I thought that a lot more people could be in a space shuttle but when I saw the answer I was really surprised.

This paragraph is about how many space shuttles are in space right now. According to, right now there is none in space. I think that they should have a lot more space shuttles going to space. If they don’t then they will not get this girl to ride in one of them.

This paragraph is about how many space shuttles there are. There is Enterprise, Columbia, Challanger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavor. The Enterprise Space Shuttle is not capable of space flight. I think that having only six space shuttles is not cool.

This paragraph is about how many space shuttles have been lost. According to, two out of five Space Shuttles have been lost. I think that it would be so scary to be in a space shuttle that is really weird.


I hope that you had fun reading my odd but cool report ant I hope that you will be inspired to write one too. If you do a report don’t steal stuff from other people and don’t plagiarize!!! Thank-you for reading this paper of mine!! Have a nice day and a happy new year.




Space Shuttle

December 28, 2004

This website is about  well duh! It's about the space shuttle. It doesn't have a lot of advertisements. Actuallly, I don't think it has any avertisements. I think that the space shuttle has lots of websites about it and lots of pictures and because there are lots of websites and pictures it will make it easier to make a report about it. The space shuttle is a very interestiong thing to learn about. Because you don't have to research so much. With the space shuttle invented  our lives have been better.




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This website is about how and when the next space shuttle is going to launch. It is really cool and interesting. I thought it wouldn't be so cool but then I read it and I liked it.



Spaceflight fatalities

May 10, 2010

This article provides an overview of all known fatalities and near-fatalities that occurred during manned space missions, accidents during astronaut training and during the testing, assembling or preparing for flight of manned and unmanned spacecraft. Not included are fatalities occurring during ICBM accidents, and Soviet or German rocket-fighter projects of World War II. Also not included are alleged unreported Soviet space accidents that are not believed by mainstream historians to have occurred.




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May 12,2010

This website tells about how many people fit into the challenger space shuttle the most dangerous one. In a space shuttle only eight people can fit into a challenger.




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May 14,2010

Wiki answers has lots of answers to lots and lots of questions. And it says that 2 out of 5 got lost.



Jaycee Carter

Why do parts fall off of space shuttles.

May 14, 2010

Well this is my answer so I'll tell you about me. I am awesome.



Jaycee Carter

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