The amazing life of video games

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Do you want to learn about video games well read this report? My two main ideas are what year was the game cube invented? And video games controlled by your mind.

What a video game is

This paragraph is about video games controlled by your mind.  According to peter sergo this head set (or head phones) can let you controll the video game you are playing by your mind! They are selling this head set for $299 and thatŐs pretty cheap. This can send your emotion to the character you are playing as and can send action to (of corse). It is also easier than a game controller. The actions come out unique like the pattern of your fingerprint. It accerletlly records the brain waves. You can make a song that you are thinking of on the video game. ItŐs like puting the mp3 player songs in your head on the video game (now thatŐs cool). You can cheat with it to (now thatŐs just plane cheap).  This is the coolest thing I have seen since super smash bros brawl.

What is the psp go. According to itŐs small but strong. It has wi-fi that will let you download a lot of stuff. It has a lot of full games and all kinds of other stuff. It has a really big hard drive and will let you download your games on to the psp go. It lets you call your friends. It has a big screen and tiny buttons, good graphics, and you can play it everywhere well at anytime too. Its interesting to know about psp go's. 

Video game history

What was the first computer video game and first video game? According to Amanda kulder. The first video game was "pongÓ. It was released by Atari. It was released with help by Sears Roebuck. The first computer video game was space war. 

What was the first home, TV and arcade video game? According to Amanda kulder. The first two TV video games were a chasing game and a tennis game. The first arcade video game was an arcade version of space war but they said it was too hard to play. The first home video game was Telstra. 

How video games work

What year was the game cube invented? According to Alan Donahue. When Microsoft Xbox and Sony ps2 were made. Nintendo was making the game cube. This system became a huge success and it changed the Nintendo Company forever. The Nintendo game cube was reveald to Japan in 2000.they were saying that every ether game console would be a hybrid. They released the Nintendo game cube on nov.18/2001 in the was released 5 years after the n64. The NES, super Nintendo, and n64 games were played exclusively on cartridges. The Nintendo game cube used discs. The game cube was the first video game console to use disks.


Do you know about video games now? Well I hope so. Was reading about the game cube and mind controlled video games fun?




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May 11, 2010


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This article talks about a head set that can control video games by your mind.

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