The space shuttle

 By Billy Bob Joe


Hey do you think that space shuttles are cool. Well if you do you will love this report. You will learn how space shuttles work. And you will learn what space shuttles are. Now if you are not more than 3 football fields away when you watch a space shuttles take off you will get fried or the sound will kill you.  Then maybe you might be sold in the market. I will teach you what space shuttles are. And I will also teach you what space shuttles are.

What Space Shuttles Are

How much does a space shuttle cost. Well the spce shuttle alone costs 1.5 billion dollars. And just to send it up to space costs 4.7 million dollars. This paragraph is about how much A space shuttle weighs. A Space Shuttle weighs 165000 pounds but if the fuel is added the space shuttle weighs 4.4 million pounds. That is pretty heavy. That is like a million of me. That is a lot.

This paragraph is about  why space shuttle go into space. The  answer to that question is so they can program sattelittes. I think that is pretty cool.

This paragraph is about how space shuttles are made. Well space shuttles are made with silica ceramic tiles so that the space shuttle doesnŐt light up in re-entry. I have no idea what that is so I googled it. And it means space shuttle protective gear.

How Space Shuttles Work

This paragraph is about how they can fly backwards. Well if you think that flying backwards considers the belly up and the back down then yes but if you think that that isnŐt then no it cannot fly backwards.

This paragraph is about why they go up in space. Asstronots go up to space so they can collect information like how far away the sun is and to see if there are any new paragraphs.


How do space shuttles work. Well space shuttles gas can get up to 450 million dollars just to send it into space. I mean that is a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

This paragraph is about how you will never guess what I found. You will never guess what I discovered from I discovered that if the government funds more money to nasa they might be able to get to mars. You might  know why they have soace shuttles but you might not know why they go into space.

This paragraph is about. The reason they send space shuttles into space is so that they can collect things to know if the world is in danger and if there are any other things that might hurt the earth.  Do you think that after every space shuttle flight they take out the space shuttle engines an get rid of them or just inspect them?



Well I am sorry to let you know but are fellow friend passed away from the fire of the rocket launch. But it was his time to pass. Alright I hope you liked my report. I Billy Bob Joe think it was pretty good. So hope you liked my report.








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IT is ausome and has a lot of information about space shuttles . So that is kind of cool.

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Well it was talking about space shuttles and how they were made with silica ceramic tiles.