Intro Title


Get their attention. Introduce main ideas.

Main Idea

This paragraph is about a Hybrid fighter car.   According to Andrew Tingle. ItŐs a sports car and has the soul of a motorcycle. It sounds like my favorite guitar.


What is a Hybrid Car?

This paragraph is about what the word ŇhybridÓ means.  According to Julia Layton, the word hybrid means two of anything.  So, something that has TWO power sources is a hybrid.  That's why we call cars that use gas and electricity hybrids.  [Add Flavor].


This paragraph is about some examples of hybrids, which are NOT cars.  According to Julia Layton, some examples of non-car hybrids are trains, buses, and submarines.  The trains and the buses use diesel fuel and electricity.  The submarines use nuclear power and electricity. [Add Flavor].


This paragraph is about what a hybrid car is.  According to, a hybrid car has two sources of power.  First, it has a gasoline engine.  Second, it has an electric motor. [Add Flavor].



This paragraph is about how much less pollution a hybrid car makes than a regular car.  According to, A hybrid makes less than half of the pollution than a normal car.  These dangerous emissions are called CO2. ThatŐs better then