Cool And Amazing Things About Hybrid Cars

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 According to Julia Layton, The reason they invented hybrid cars is because of gas prices and pollution.  As gas prices go up and up and up, it costs like $50 just to fill your tank.  Also, our cars give off pollution that might hurt our earth.  It's something called the greenhouse effect.  If you really want to help our earth? , well then help! And buy a hybrid car for yourself.                          (just be careful about the money!)

What is a Hybrid Car?

This paragraph is about what the word “hybrid” means.  According to Julia Layton, the word hybrid means two of anything.  So, something that has TWO power sources is a hybrid.  That's why we call cars that use gas and electricity hybrids.  So that means that if any car or bus or train or whatever has two sources of electricity, like electricity and gas that means that it is a hybrid car, bus, train or whatever.


This paragraph is about some examples of hybrids, which are NOT cars.  According to Julia Layton, some examples of non-car hybrids are trains, buses, and submarines.  The trains and the buses use diesel fuel and electricity.  The submarines use nuclear power and electricity. All of those vehicles the trains, buses, and submarines can all be Hycrid cars if they have two sources of energy (electricity)


This paragraph is about what a hybrid car is.  According to, a hybrid car has two sources of power.  First, it has a gasoline engine.  Second, it has an electric motor. says that a hybrid car has two sources of energy because anything is hybrid that has two sources of energy.




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April 6, 2010

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