JThe Amazing Wild World Of BionicsJ

By Orange Oranges


Have you ever lost a puppy, and got it back? Have you ever lost some money, and got it back? Have you ever lost a finger and got it back? If you have and even if you havenÕt then welcome to The Amazing Wild World Of Bionics! In this report I will be talking about some things that are on the subject of bionics, like what they are and the history of bionics. Bionics are really cool, but when I got the topic I thought it was lame! So if youÕre one of those people you better read this report!!! J

What is a bionic

This paragraph is about what kind of body parts bionics are used for. According to TechMediaNetwork.com, bionic parts that I found in my research are really cool. Some of them would be legs, arms, hands, feet, eyes and a lot more. These are really useful to some people. I think this is AWESOME because there are a lot of people out there that depend on bionics for some of these body parts. So itÕs like we have the Declaration of Independence and we sort of depend on that so these people that have bionic body parts and they depend on them!  

This paragraph is about what an i-LIMB bionic hand is. According to www.touchbionics.com, an I-LIMB bionic hand is a new hand and it is really easy to adapt to. Evan Reynolds, a 19-year-old college student in Bristol was the second person in England to have an I-LIMB. After he was in a car accident he got it. It is controlled by electrical muscle signals from the last part of his arm. All the time our world is getting bionics closer and closer to the actual thing. I think this is COOL because if you happen to lose your hand you can get a new one almost exactly like it!

This paragraph is about can bionics make you stronger even if you donÕt have anything wrong with you.  According to Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D., Bleex uses metal leg braces that are powered by motors to make it easier for the person that is wearing the braces to walk. Sensors and also actuators in the device provide feedback information to adjust the movements and what is on you or something you are carrying while walking. The metal leg braceÕs controller and engine are located in a vest attached to a backpack frame. While the device itself weighs 100 pounds, it enables a person to haul a 70-pound backpack. I think this is MAGNIFICENT because if you are on a hike then you can just put on some bionics and it will be so much easier.

This paragraph is about what a touch bionic hand is. According to Kayla Lacovino, a touch bionic hand is a leading developer of advanced upper-limb prosthetics. One of two products now commercially available from the company, the I-LIMB Hand, is the first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. This artificial limb appears and also acts like an actual real human hand and it represents a generational advance in bionics and in patient care. This is SWEET because itÕs like if you have an ice cream cone and it melts and isnÕt good any more your parents can get you a fake ice cream cone and it would look a lot similar.   


This paragraph is about whether there is a bionic liver or not. According to Simon Hadlington, scientists are working on two types of non-natural livers: an external device very alike to a kidney dialysis machine to detoxify the blood. And a "new" liver grown from human stem cells. I think this is WICKED because I didnÕt even know that there was such thing as a bionic liver and so itÕs cool Ôcause you can get a new one if something goes wrong! 



History of Bionics

This paragraph is about who invented the name bionics. According to Emma Lloyd and edited & published by Robyn Broyles, the name for bionics was brought to existence by Jack. E. Steele. He worked at the Aeronautics Division House at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base that was in Dayton, Ohio. . I think this is really WONDERFUL because you use bionics for so many body parts and the name doesnÕt even have anything to do with what they are used for.   

This paragraph is about who made the first bionic eye.  According to http://www.gadgets-reviews.com/bionic-eye.html, on May 17, 2008 Doctor Mark Humayun, the professor of the ophthalmology and biomedical engineering with some experts from the Doheny Eye Institute held in Los Angeles, California began the process of the first bionic eye. Some people might think that this is kind of AMAZING because eyes would be hard to fix them and you wouldnÕt think that you would be able to even fix one!   

This paragraph is about where was the cochlear implant invented. According to webmaster@whitehat.com.au, the cochlear implant was invented by some people led by Professor Graeme Clark at The University of Melbourne. In 1978 the first person in the world got the implant at Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. More than 50,000 people all over the world have hearing thanks to cochlear implant. I think this is SENSATIONAL because the cochlear implant is an ear implant and the word cochlear has the word ear in it. This is also SESATIONAL because a lot of people have hearing because of it!!!





Well thatÕs it for my report; I hope you enjoyed reading it! Because I had a lot of fun writing my report, learning about bionics and looking at all the pictures! So if you ever lost a puppy and got it back, and if you ever lost some money and got it back, and if you ever lost a finger and got back then I really, really hope you enjoyed my report on bionics!!!








by Lloyd, Emma and edited & published by Robyn Broyles

The History of Bionics

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A 'bionic Eye' Has Helped Six Blind People Regain Limited Sight But Doctors Hope It Can Be Developed.

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