The life of video games!!

By Robin Hood and poohJ


Do you know about the Xbox and the other video games, well if you don’t then you have got to read this! You will learn new things and other neat stuff!

What it is…

This paragraph is about what the PSP Go is. According to PlayStation The PSP® go system is small but mighty. Built-in Wi-Fi* lets you download whatever you want, the second you want it, including hundreds of full games, add-ons, free demos, comics, and the latest movies and TV shows from PlayStation® Store. Save everything directly to your giant 16GB hard drive: no need to carry around handfuls of game disks and memory sticks, although the Memory Stick Micro TM is always there if you need more room. Join online multiplayer games and use built-in Bluetooth support to connect to a wireless headset or call friends’ PSP® systems, cell phones and landlines using our built-in Skype™** Connection Squeeze all those features into a space 43% smaller than the original PSP® system, add an ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen, high quality graphics, and robust game-play and you get the full experience of a console, but playable anywhere and everywhere. 


How it works…

This paragraph talks about what does the Xbox natal does. According to Xbox, the Xbox 360 natal is a gaming system with no controller needed… you are the controller! Every movement you do happens on the screen and has games to play for all ages!!

Are they going to…

This paragraph talks about what new video game is Nintendo going to make. According to Nintendo, Nintendo is going to make a new Super Mario Galaxy! You will be able to ride on Yoshi and go to other planets! You will enjoy this game with your family!

This paragraph talks about what new Lego video game is coming out. According to explore iconic settings from wizarding world including Hogwarts castle, Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hogsmeade. The largest, most detailed LEGO Hogwarts brought to life as a grand, immersive 3D environment.




I hope you learned something about video games because it is so cool to learn about video games!










About the wii console

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May 6, 2010

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This article talks about how the wii is for all ages and that you are active when you play it.