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Have you ever watched a movie and wish you could make the characters be controllified by you??? Well now you can and you can even see how it works by you readifying this report!!!! So what are you waiting for?????!!!!!!!??????

Inside Game Systems


HereŐs a list of a gaming systems guts:


    * User control interface

    * CPU

    * RAM

    * Software kernel

    * Storage medium for games

    * Video output

    * Audio output

    * Power supply














How the ps3 works:

According to Martiol Brane:


The ps3 works on a microchip called the cell processor, on the chip there is the main CPU power pc, similar to the one used in the Mac g-5

It runs at 3.2 gigahertz and 512 KB cache. Attached to the CPU are eight more RISK processors doing vector rithmetic known as the SPEŐS which stands for synergistic processing elements. Each one has a 256-kilobyte ram and the processor can hold different code on each SPE. 6 of them hold whatever code or processor is required, one of them handles OS specific tasks like security and one is a spare together all of this processing power gives the station about 40 times more CPU power than the ps2 had. For example in the background of a game there is a lot of computation you can see going on in the simultaneously. One SPE can be handling the sound for this scene one can do some of the thinking for a CPU character one can be dealing with the physics of things happening like car crashes (etc.) and processing shadows another can be thinking about the data. All of this data feeds to an incredibly powerful graphics processor. The graphics processor uses an NVIDIA g70 core with 256 megabytes of ram and a 550-megahertz clock. It has 64 times more memory than even the ps2 had and clocks about two times faster. Meaning that it can draw millions of polygons per second at ten eighty p-resolution the realism in some of these games is amazing. When you tired of playing games the ps3 is just getting started and this is something that makes the ps3 unique, the ps3 is actually a media console. With the ps3 you can watch movies, both DVDŐs and the new blue ray diskŐs play in the ps3. Blue ray disks play it full h-d resolution for spectacular clarity. You can also insert cdŐs or download mp3 media to listen to music. The mp3 files are stored on the ps3Ős internal hard drive. If you have photos on a memory card, you can watch them on your ps3. The ps3 recognizes common image formats and can display photos individually or as a slide show. You could also copy them into the hard disk, you can even plug in a keyboard and mouse and browse the web at 1080 p-resolution. ThatŐs 1,920 horizontal pixels and 1,080 vertical pixels. And you can multi task. So while browsing and looking at photos you can also listen to music. So the ps3 is not just an entertainment system. ItŐs way cooler than cool!


Review and random stuff:



User control interface

-Early game system used paddles and joysticks

-Most systems today use sophisticated controllers with

 many button and features



-Processes the systems information



-Provides temporary storage for games

Software kernel

-Operating System of the console

-Controls interaction of the hardware and software


Storage medium for games




-Memory Cards


Video output

-System usually has a dedicated GPU that

 calculates the geometry and looks of game


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