Unordinary phone

By Stevie Wonders


       This is about the amazing smartphone. It will wow you for sure if you read it so you donÕt miss out. These are not ordinary phones. This is very long so lets go on into the world of smart phones.

What it is

Are they the best phone out?  Well maybe. They are very advanced compared to the others. That is great. The reason though I say maybe is because other people arenÕt the same as others. They have different likes. Well that stinks for them they are missing all the fun.

What was the old one like. They arenÕt very different. They have some of the same but not all. The old smart phones are much fatter and donÕt surprisingly hold as much information. That would be miserable. Now I donÕt think you would like to get the old one.

Why did they make it so thin and small.  Well so it doesnÕt take up so much room. That way you have more room. That is great and bad. The good news is it can fit in your pocket. Bad news is because you can lose it in a pile of junk. Well keep care of that smart phone of yours are suffer pain.

What it does.  Well it is a better phone. That way it can be enjoyable. What design is best for it? That would be the skin and bones one.  Then we can have a party and not be running in a stuffed up pocket.

History of this tech

When was the first smartphone made.  It was in the 1990Õs somewhere. Then they were not very popular. Most people didnÕt know about them. So they missed out on it. That was a bummer for them. That is very sad.

Are they going to be stronger?  Well in history they were so breakable. Now we are in better hands with smart phones. Other whys you could lose a lot of money go down the drain. That would be sad in the day.

When was the first smartphone made?  That time would be in the 1990Õs. The person that made this was Simon. He is not from American Idol. He is a different person. That is a relief. If he was the inventor he might not of been around.

How it works

It can talk and is a phone?  That is right. These phones are just that. They can say the ABCÕs without command. Wow that is above and beyond. The idea seams to be an imposable thing. Now it is a common household item.

It is just like the ipod touch.  It is related to the ipod touch in a lot of ways. This is common in apps. You can play apps all the time. It depends on how many bytes you use on the program.  That means the ipod touch is related to the smart phone in ways.

Can it levitate. Sadly it canÕt do everything in your desire. That is one of the things it canÕt do. So I donÕt think that is one of

the things possible.

Can they improve? Of course they can improve. They always improve. That is the good thing about technology. So they will improve so no problem. Phew. Now I wonÕt have to get the same kind in 50 years.

Cool Stuff

Can smartphones glow in the dark.  Well they can if you get a case. Other whys it wouldnÕt. So you have to improve it. That is kind of sad. At least if the case is on and you lose it in a dark room you can find it.

Who sells the most? Well that would be Symbian. They sell most of the smart phones. They sell almost half of all the smart phones. They sell 44% of smart phones. That is a lot compared to other companies.

Are there smartphones that can play video games?  The smart phones can play Psp games. That is awesome for people that love video games. That is weird though for others. So we can play video games without the computer.








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Smartphones are new. The first smartphones were showed in Las Vegas Nevada







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Yes they do have glow in the dark but thy are very hard to get. Some times you have a hard time finding them for sell