Fighter jets and space shuttles

By lock on air combat is awesome


Hey guys want to know some cool stuff about space shuttles and fighter jets?  I am going to tell you about how big a fighter jet is and how big a space shuttle is.  I am going to tell you about the history of flight and some other cool facts.

What it is

This paragraph is about fighter jets.  According to Wikipedia the f-16 fighter jet is about 775 lbs.  It is a daytime fighter and has a wingspan of over 30 ft. In a book called “The complete guide to fighters and bombers of the world” it says that it has a 33 mm gun and 8 missiles.  I like it more than riding a horse down a steep hill.


This paragraph is about space shuttles.  According to WikiAnswers the space shuttle is over 149 ft. tall and about half the size of a 747 jumbo jet.  That is smaller than I thought because of all the things it carries into space.

This paragraph is about the difference between fuels.  According to Paul Walorski the fighter jet uses oxygen from the air to help burn the fuel.  And the space shuttle uses fuel with its own oxygen.  The fuel makes it go fast.



This paragraph is about.

This paragraph is about when the challenger exploded. According to wikipedia the challenger exploded because the O-ring broke and it made the challenger blow up.  The solid rocket booster is where the O-ring was.   I do not like I do not like that it killed 7 people especially a teacher.



I hope you like my report about fighter jets and space shuttles


“Stop I am in a airplane bang bang got yaa!!!”