My Awesomely awesome police robot report

By Mickey Mouse


              Hey are you worried about POLICE ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! Then listen to this report because if you donÕt we will turn into cybros. (Half human half robot but more human.)

How do they Work

       This paragraph is about Police Robots working. . According to Allison Loudermilk some Police Robots are hard to design some police robots have legs weird huh? ! Most police robots have a pneumatic wheel, which means the wheels are easy to take off. I think police are lucky to have police robots.


Do they help police

This paragraph is about Police Robots helping. According to Allison Loudermilk Police Robots do help yes they help they totally help police. When a person does something horrible and the police donÕt want to go near the suspect that got arrested they use Police Robots to feed the suspect. But the reason the police need Police Robots is EXAMPLE: The police need to get a bomb but itÕs about to blow the get Police Robots and the Police Robots blow up instead of police.        I think that if robots can do that they need to come to my house and pick a movie and pop popcorn then IÕm good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Do Police Robots shoot people

This paragraph is about my intro. According to Allison Loudermilk the police are using the Police robots to much. The Police Robots will want to take over the world because we are being selfish, well donÕt complain to me because thatÕs just the way the Police Robots think.          I think ItÕs pretty scary and I donÕt blame the robots.


 I learned that Police RobotÕs are scary and not scary at the same time. They do help and They might shoot and most of all How they work.